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Terms and conditions

Terms of Service

[Including consent to receive advertising information]

Article 1 (Purpose)

These terms and the service intends to stipulate the rights, obligations, responsibilities, and other necessary matters between the Company and Users in regard to the services provided by NDP HOLDINGS INC. (hereinafter referred to as the Company) through the Device.

Article 2 (Definition of terms)

1. Terms used in these terms of the service are defined as follows;

1) “User(s)” refers to a person who uses the game service provided by the Company. They have agreed to these terms of the service and been granted the status of the Users of the Service. The types of User are classified as follows;
- “Member(s)”: A person who uses the “Service” provided by the Company using an account and “Password”
- “Guest(s)”: A person who doesn’t register an account and “Password” but logs in and uses the “Service” using an account irregularly given by the Company
(However, since an account and “password” information are not assigned to a Guest, data shall also be initialized when the Guest initializes Device or deletes the game.)
2) “Account (ID)” refers to a combination of letters, numbers, or special characters selected by a User and granted by the Company in order to identify a User and use of the Service.
3) “Account Information” refers to collectively call the general information provided by a User to the Company, such as Account (ID), Password, Name of the User, and the generated information such as the usage information of the Service or status of usage fees.
4) “Content” refers to all content created digitally in regard to all services (game information, social media, etc.) provided by the Company.
5) “Device(s)” refers to mobile phones, tablet PCs, portable game consoles, and other devices in which other digital content is used by downloading and installing or via the network.
6) “Service(s)” refers to all services that utilize the network, such as game services provided by the Company to Users, regardless of the type of Devices.
7) “Open Market Business(es)” refers to all e-commerce providers (including in-game payment service providers and mobile carriers) such as open markets that provide the service to install and pay for games of our Company. (e.g., Google Play App Store, Apple App Store, One Store, etc.)
8) “Payment Service Provider(s)” refers to a company that provides electronic payment methods used in the open market, such as credit card or mobile phone payment.
9) “Cash” refers to virtual data by which the User can use the paid service and purchase Content products after purchasing or topping it up. In-App Payment refers to an act of making a payment to purchase various items, functions, game money, etc., within the game serviced by the Company.
10) “Item(s)” refers to weapons, armor, potions, means of exchange, in-game money, vouchers that can be used within the games, and other data that can be used to indicate certain or random result values or to those that express them recognizable.
11) “Free-of-charge Item(s)” refers to items (including paid items provided free of charge) that the Company provides to Users free of charge.
12) “Paid Item” refers to in-game commodities purchased by the Payment Surcharging.

2. Definitions of terms used in these Terms of the Conditions shall be as stipulated in the related Act and subordinate statute, except as set in Paragraph 1 above. Matters which is not stipulated in the related Act and subordinate statute shall be subject to general commercial practices.

Article 3 (Effect and amendment of the Terms of the Service)

1. The Company shall publish the Content of these Terms of the Service on the game service homepage, its official community website, or Content so that Users can understand.

2. These Terms of the Services shall take effect from the time when the User agrees to it. They shall apply when the User uses the Service provided by the “Company, such as installing and running the game provided by the “Company.

3. The Company may amend the Terms of the Service. The amended Terms of the Service must be notified to the Users on the “Homepage” or game services seven days before it applies (however, thirty days prior for matters that may significantly affect the rights and obligations of Users). It shall take effect from the date of application.

4. Users are obligated to frequently check for amendments to these Terms of the Service on the website or game service of the Company, and also have the right not to agree to the amended Terms of the Service.

5. If a User does not agree to the amended Terms of the Service, the Company or the User may terminate this use contract.

6. If a User does not agree to the changed Terms of the Service, he/she may terminate the use contract. If the User continues to use the Service after the effective date of the amended Terms of the Service, it will be deemed that he/she has agreed to the amendments to the Terms of the Service.

Article 4 (Rules and regulations other than the Terms of the Service)

Matters not specified in these Terms of the Service shall comply with the operation policies and restrictions on the use of the Company, ‘Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.’, ‘Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.,’ ‘Act on the Protection of Consumers in Enterprise Commerce, etc.,’ ‘Act on the Protection and Use of Location Information, etc.,’ and provisions of other related laws of the Republic of Korea.

Article 5 (Establishment of the use contract)

1. The use contract shall be established when the Company approves an application of a User for the use of the Service after the User reads and agrees to these Terms of the Service.

2. When a User applies under Paragraph 1 of this Article, the Company may request the User to verify his/her real name and identify him/her through an identity verification institution.

3. Users can download and use games provided by the Company under the terms and policies of each open market. The terms and policies of each Open Market Business shall apply to a transaction or a dispute between Users and each Open Market Business, and the Company shall not intervene in a transaction or a dispute between Users and each Open Market Business or not take any responsibility for Users to use the open market.

Article 6 (Community service)

1. “Community Service(s)” refers to the bulletin board service provided by the Company so that multiple Users may freely exchange their opinions and promote friendship.

2. If a User signs up for individual cafes to use the Community Service, his/her information may be disclosed to cafe admins and staff for smooth service operations.

3. As the Community Service is provided in conjunction with information from an external platform, the Service may not be provided normally when a User loses his/her membership qualification in each platform or withdraws from the platform membership.

4. Company may set use restrictions and management regulations in the community operation policy in order to protect the rights and interests of Users and to provide the Community Service soundly. And the Users are obliged to comply with them.

The Company must notify Members of the community operation policies as it posts on the Community Service homepage or provides a connection screen so that Users may understand the details of the community operation policies.

Article 7 (Approval of the service use application)

1. In principle, the Company accepts a User’s application for use if there is no business or technical problem. However, the Company may not accept or cancel the consent in the following cases;

1) if an individual fills out false or third party’s information or does not fill out the information required in the form of the Company,
2) if an individual applies for the purpose of impairing social well-being and order or good and laudable custom,
3) if an individual intends to use the Service for illegal purposes,
4) if an individual intends to use the Service for pursuing profits,
5) or/and if an individual applies in violation of the provisions of these Terms of the Service

2. The Company may withhold approval in the following Paragraphs until the cause is resolved;

1) if there is no room for service-related facilities,
2) if a malfunction occurs that the provision of business or technical services cannot be provided,
3) or/and if it is recognized that there is a risk of inappropriate behavior as a User
4) The Company shall allow Members to use the Service immediately if there is no other matter to withhold approval or reject after they complete the procedure for agreeing to the Terms of the Service or filling out personal information necessary to use the Service.
However, if any matters are discovered to refuse to accept afterward, the use may be restricted or the contract may be terminated in accordance with the provisions of these Terms of the Service.
5) Regarding a case that a user who applies for use as a guest, the record of his/her service use may be deleted or the record may not be viewed if any of each following Paragraph falls under.
Therefore, the Company shall notify Users of these matters through a pop-up window or other methods when they use the Service for the first time.
In addition, the records of a Guest’s service use cannot be linked or transferred after the Member verification has been completed. It is recommended to use the Service through the Member verification.

① if the Device is changed,
② if the Device is modified or initialized,
③ or/and Content such as application is deleted from the Device

Article 8 (Provision of the Service)

1. The Company provides the Service using a dedicated application or network for Device. Users may download and install the application or use the network to use the Service free of charge or with payment.

2. Users may use the paid Content after paying a separate fee specified in the relevant Service. The Payment Surcharging feature may be included in some paid Content.

3. Users may use the free Content free of charge. However, users shall check an Item whether or not it is a Paid Item before making a purchase.

4. Separate charges such as data usage fees may occur as set by the mobile operator if a User downloads an application or uses the Service via the network. Users are recommended to download it using Wi-Fi.

Article 9 (Obligations of the Company)

1. If an opinion or complaint raised by Users is objectively recognized as justified, the Company shall process it promptly within a reasonable period.
However, if it takes a long time to process, the Company shall notify the User of the reason and processing schedule or post an announcement.

2. The Company must prevent any personal information, including Account information, of Users, from being leaked from the service system managed by Company. And it must protect it from being disclosed or provided to third parties without the consent of Users.

3. Some incidents may occur, such as a failure in the facility or data loss, while the Services are improved in order to provide them continuously and stably. The Company shall make every effort to repair or restore it without delay unless there are unavoidable reasons such as natural disasters, emergencies, and technical defects that are difficult to solve.

4. The Company must publish and comply with the privacy policy to protect personal information.

Article 10 (Obligations of the Users)

1. Users shall not use the Service provided by Company for original purposes other than the use of the Service, such as gameplay, or perform any of the following acts;

1) Users use information other than their real names but other person’s information, or fill out false information when providing personal information to the Company due to making customer inquiries, requesting recovery and refund of the paid Content, or winning an event.
2) Users pretend to be a third person, falsely indicate a relationship with another person, steal or illegally use another User’s Account and Password, or purchase the paid Content by using another person’s credit card, wired/wireless phone, bank account, etc. without permission.
3) Users trade or sell/buy the Content with others through services not provided by Company.
4) Users duplicate, distribute, promote, or commercially utilize information obtained using the Service, such as Company’s games, without the prior consent of the Company.
5) Users use the Service by exploiting the bugs.
6) Users use the Service, such as the Company’s games, to generate property benefits to themselves or others.
7) Users defame or cause damages to others
8) Users infringe the Company's intellectual property rights or third parties’ intellectual property rights, portrait rights, etc.
9) Users cause damages to third parties by deceiving third parties in order to gain benefits or by using the Services provided by the Company in an unhealthy way
10) Users exchange or post obscene or vulgar information by linking to obscene websites or posting unauthorized advertisements and promotional materials.
11) Users induce or participate in speculative activities such as gambling involved in properties.
12) Users conduct any cheating related to payment.
13) Users transmit, reach, or distribute words, sounds, texts, images, or videos that cause shame, disgust, or fear to the other party
14) Users transmit, reach, or distribute data containing software viruses, other computer codes, and files designed for obstructing, damaging, or destroying information (computer programs) prohibited from being transmitted or posted under relevant laws.
15) Users arbitrarily change or tamper with the Company’s games without its consent or distribute and use illegally tampered applications.
16) Users post articles or send e-mails by impersonating the Company’s employees/admins, illegally using their names, or stealing a third party’s name.
17) Users conduct business activities using the Service without the Company's prior consent (Users must take responsibility for the results of business activities and those of business activities that violate the terms and conditions. If they cause damages to the Company due to such business activities, they must recompense the Company for damages).
18) Users transfer, gift, or provide the right to use the Service or other status in the contract of use to third parties as collateral without the Company’s express consent.
19) Users violate other public orders and good and laudable custom or conduct illegal, unfair acts, or actions against related laws
20) Users transmit, post, or disseminate information, sentences, shapes, sounds, videos with persistent or obscene contents to others in violation of the Youth Protection Act or the law
21) Or/And the Users transmit, post, or distribute any content that may infringe on the honor or privacy of others because the content is extremely offensive or personal information.

2. The Users should frequently check the (game) notices of the Company and amendments to the Terms of the Service Use.

3. Users may make inquiries related to the Service through the following inquiry channels.
① E-mail consultation
- E-mail:
- Working hours: Monday - Friday (09:00 ~ 18:00)

4. If the Members have suffered from unreasonable damages in the course of using the Company’s Service, they may exercise their right to recover such damages through a legitimate method. The Company shall do its best to protect the just claims of the Members.

Article 11 (Provision and suspension of the Service)

1. The Company provides the Service using a dedicated game or network for the Mobile Devices. And the Members may use the Service free of charge or with payment after downloading and installing the application or using the network.

2. Members may use the paid Content after paying a separate fee specified in the Service. And the Payment Surcharging feature may be included in some paid Content.

3. Members may use the free-of-charge Content for free. However, the free-of-charge Content may include the Payment Surcharging feature. They shall check the desired Item if it is a Paid Item before purchasing it.

4. When Members download the application or use the Service through the network, they are recommended to download it using Wi-Fi. Separate charges set by the mobile operators, such as data usage fees, may occur.

5. In principle, the Company provides its Services 24/7 unless there is a special problem in business or technology.
However, the Service may be temporarily suspended for a certain period if it is necessary for operation, such as regular system inspection, server expansion and replacement, the addition of new game Contents, various bug patches, and replacement with new services. In such cases, the Company shall post the matters and scheduled time on the Homepage.
If there is an unavoidable reason that the Company cannot notify in advance, the notice may be announced afterward.

6. Notwithstanding Paragraph 5 of this Article, the Service may be temporarily suspended without notice due to the Company’s urgent and unavoidable reasons. In this case, it may be notified afterward.

7. The Company shall provide its Users with the following services necessary for the Service operation and technology.

1) The Company shall provide a background data function to provide a smooth game environment.

Data charges may apply when Users use the background data function.

8. The Company may notify the provision of the Service on the Homepage or games and suspend the Service if it is necessary to suspend all Services due to the planning or operation of the Service or the urgent situation that occur to the Company.

User cannot request a refund for the paid Content for which the period of use does not remain at the termination of the Service.

9. The Company may restrict or suspend all or parts of the Service in the following cases.

In addition, the Company may not take responsibility for any problems arising from the change or suspension of the Service, except when the reason for the change or suspension of the Service is intentional or gross negligence of the Company.

1) if there is a force majeure, such as war, incident, natural disaster, or national emergency,
2) if the Service is disturbed to be provided normally due to power outage, equipment failure, or excessive usages
3) if there are unavoidable circumstances due to construction, such as maintenance of the Service facilities
4) if the Service cannot be provided due to the Company’s circumstances (management issues, etc.)

7. If the Paid Service provided by the Company is suspended or fails, the Company shall recompense Users for damages. Users may not claim a separate compensation for the Company.

1) If the Paid Service is designated not to be extended for the usage time, the Company shall compensate for the Service suspension and failure details with the equivalent Paid Service or Cash selected by the Company.

Article 12 (Payment and the period of using the paid Content, etc.)

1. In principle, the payment for the Content purchased through the In-App payment method is charged according to the policies and methods set by the mobile operators and each open market. The payment must also be made according to the specified payment method.

However, the limit may be granted or adjusted for each payment method under the policies of the Company, payment companies (mobile carriers, open markets, etc.), and the government.

2. Paid Content purchased by a User through the In-App payment method within the game service may be used only on the terminal where the game service has been downloaded or installed.

3. The period of using the paid Content purchased by a User through the In-App payment method is one year. After this period has elapsed, a User’s right to use the paid Content shall be removed.

However, the period of use specified at the time of purchase shall be applied for the paid Content with a separately specified period of use.

Users can use the paid Content only in their own account. They must not transfer, rent, or sell it to a third party, except in the method set and notified separately by the Company.

4. The Company shall not be responsible for any third-party payment issues caused by Users who do not use or carelessly expose the password setting function in the terminal and open market.

5. If a User subscribes to phone plans for the youth provided by a mobile operator, the In-App payment method on the terminal shall be deemed to have the consent of their legal representative.

6. Users shall be responsible for faithfully paying the in-app payment amount.

7. The price of the Paid Item depends on the price displayed in the store, etc., in the Service. However, the estimated payment amount at the time of purchase may differ from the actual billed amount due to the change in exchange rates and fees when the amount is paid in foreign currency.

Article 13 (Provision of information and advertisement posting)

1. Information about the Company and game services may be found on the Content sales screen provided by the Open Market Operators.

1) Company name
2) The name of the game product
3) Usage level
4) Game producer
5) Information on game service devices and minimum technical specifications required for use
6) Other matters deemed necessary by the Company

2. Company may display advertisements on the Homepage or individual services within the game. And the User’s agreement to these Terms shall include consent to the exposure of advertisements while he/she uses the Homepage or services.

3. The Company shall not be responsible for any loss or damage caused by a User who participates in, communicates by, or transact in the advertisements under Paragraph 2, which indicates that the third party that the Company provides to is the subject. The User shall take responsibility for such loss or damage.

4. The Company may use personal information collected from the Users with their prior consent and send service information and advertisements through SMS, e-mail, and push notifications.

5. A user may withdraw his/her intention to consent to receive information at any time through the Homepage, the Company’s customer center, or in-game settings if he/she no longer wants to receive the information. The Company shall not send advertising information when the User refuses to receive it.

Article 14 (Cash and points)

1. Free Cash shall be defined to be cash obtained while playing a game or granted from an event among a User’s Cash. It is not the Cash purchased by the In-App payment method.

2. Company may provide free points (mileages, etc.) to Users apart from Free Cash. It shall be defined as Free Point.

3. The validity period, the scope of use, and other related matters of the Free Cash and Free Point shall be subject to a separate notice by the Company.

4. The scope of using Free Cash and Free Point may be limited. If a Member holds Cash purchased by him/her and Free Cash/Free Points together, the purchased Cash shall be deducted with priority, and then Free Cash and Free Points shall be deducted.

5. Free Cash and Free Point shall not be subject to refund or compensation.

Article 15 (Withdrawal of subscription and cancellation of minors’ payment)

1. When a User has purchased the paid Content, he/she may withdraw his/her subscription (cancel the purchase) from the Company or the Open Market Operator in which he/she has purchased the paid Content.

2. If a User applies to withdraw his/her subscription from the Open Market Operator pursuant to Paragraph 1 of this Article, the subscription withdrawal shall proceed in accordance with the payment policy of the relevant open market.

3. If a User applies to withdraw his/her subscription set in Paragraph 1 of this Article against Company, he/she must apply for it within seven days from the date of purchase or the date of availability of the paid Content.

4. If the matters of the paid Content sold in the games differ from the displayed or advertised details or they are executed differently from the contract, the User may withdraw the subscription within three months from the date of purchase of the paid Content. Or a User may withdraw his/her subscription within 30 days from the date he/she has discovered or could have known that there is a difference or defect between the paid Content and the displayed details.

5. There may be some paid Contents provided free of charge from the Company or a third party as a gift or from an event, other paid Contents that have already been used or deemed to have been used at the time of request for a withdrawal of subscription, or another paid Contents with such similar characteristics. They may be restricted to withdrawing the subscription (cancel the purchase) in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.
If a User has purchased a relevant paid Content for which subscription withdrawal (purchase cancellation) is restricted, the Company shall take measures in accordance with relevant laws, such as announcing a notice on the paid Content to the User.

6. If a minor has purchased the Paid Item without the consent of his/her legal representative, the minor or the minor’s legal representative may request the Company to withdraw his/her subscription, and the Company may request documents that verify that the person is the legal representative.
However, the minimum age shall be limited if the minor’s purchase is within the scope of the property that his/her legal representative has allowed him/her to handle or if the minor has convinced the adults through his/her personal statement.
It shall be judged whether or not a buyer is a minor based on the holder of the payment method, such as a terminal or a credit card in which the purchase has been made.

7. Withdrawal of the subscription for the paid Content shall be restricted in the following cases. The Company shall indicate that the subscription withdrawal is limited before a user makes a payment for the paid Content whose subscription withdrawal is restricted.

1) if an Item can be used immediately or immediately applied to the games after being purchased,
2) If an Item has been obtained without payment in the course of the normal use of the games,
3) if an additional benefit is used in an Item for which additional benefits are provided,
4) if an Item sold as a bundle (package) is partially used,
5) if an act of opening an Item is deemed to be an act of using it or if an Item is a probability-type in which its utility is determined upon opening,
6) if a User has used some or all of an Item in the form of divided provision for a specific period or number of times, etc., or if the Item has been expired,
7) or/and even if an Item is the Paid Item of which subscription may be withdrawn, the subscription withdrawal may be restricted after seven days of purchase. In addition, if the value of commodities and other related matters have significantly decreased, or if other reasons that may limit the withdrawal of subscription by a User has occurred, the subscription withdrawal may be restricted.

Article 16 (Refund application and procedures)

1. If the paid Content falls under any following cases, a User may get a refund under the refund application procedure through the customer center.

1) Although a User purchases the paid Content, it contains no Service to be used, for which the Company is solely responsible (except for the case of the Service inspection announced in advance).
2) Or/And the Company specifies otherwise for consumer protection.

2. Refunds shall be processed in accordance with the refund operation policy of each Open Market Business depending on the operating system type of the terminal used for the Service.

3. The paid Content shall not be refunded if a User acquires the paid Content not by payment of the usage price in which the actual purchase history is recorded but by a reward while using the game service or provided by the Company’s internal events or external affiliate events,

4. If a User requests withdrawal of his/her subscription or refund from the Company rather than the Open Market Operator, the Company must first go through a separate process of consenting to handle personal information from the User. It receives the information from the customer and confirms the purchase history through the Open Market Operator. The subscription cancellation and refund process shall then proceed.
During this process, the Company may contact the User through the information provided by him/her if it deems necessary to confirm a just reason for him/her to withdraw the subscription. It may also request additional proof.

5. When minor requests to cancel payment, he/she must provide documents that a person is the minor or his/her legal representatives in accordance with the needs of the Company.

6. Payment made via the games shall comply with the payment method provided by the Open Market Business. Therefore, if an overpayment occurs during the payment process, a User shall request a refund from the Open Market Business in principle. However, if it is possible in accordance with the policy and system of the Open Market Business, the Company may request the Open Market Business to execute the necessary refund procedures.

7. Regarding the payment of the paid Content is made via the feature of sending a gift, the paid Content that has been purchased may not be available for payment cancellation and refund in principal unless it has a detection. If a User attempts to refund the paid Content due to its defection, the refund may be made only by a User who has sent a gift.

8. The Company shall strive to complete the refund as soon as possible from the date of receiving the relevant documents required for a refund from a User.

9. If the charges (call charges, data usage charges, etc.) are incurred by downloading applications or using the network services, they may not be eligible for a refund.

10. If an overpayment is made due to a cause attributable to a User, the User shall bear the fee for a refund.

11. In principle, a refund shall be made in the same payment method used by a User. However, if the refund cannot be made in the same way, the refund may be made in another way.

Article 17 (Restriction on the service use)

1. Members must not engage in acts that violate the User's obligations under Article 10 of these Terms of the Service. If they conduct such acts, the Company may take measures to restrict them from using the services, including restrictions on Members' use of services, removal of related information (texts, photos, videos, etc.), and other measures under the following Causes;

1) Restriction of some rights: some rights are restricted, such as a chat function for a certain period of time.
2) Restriction on using characters: Members’ character is restricted to use permanently or for a certain period.
3) Restriction on using the Account: Member’s Account is restricted to use permanently or for a certain period
4) Restriction on member use: Restriction of member’s use of game services for a permanent or fixed period

2. If the restriction on the use in Paragraph 1 is justified, the Company shall not compensate for any damage suffered by the Members due to the restriction on the use.

3. Members are responsible for compensating for damages caused to the Company or other Members due to the reasons attributable to the preceding Paragraphs.

4. The Company may suspend the Account to use the Service until the investigation into the reasons of each following Clause is completed;

1) if a justified report is received that the Account has been hacked or stolen,
2) if an individual is suspected of being a lawbreaker, such as an illegal program user/workplace,
3) or/and if provisional measures for using the Service are necessary for other reasons equivalent to each Clause.

5. A paid game service period shall be extended as long as the period is suspended or compensated with an equivalent paid Service or Cash after the investigation in Paragraph 4 has been completed.
However, it may not be applied if a Member falls under the reasons of each following Clause in Paragraph 4.

6. If the use restricted by the Company is justified, the Company shall not compensate a Member for damages caused by the restriction of use or the termination of the contract. Compensation and refunds related to the remaining Service shall be non-refundable, including balance and remaining period related to the use of paid Services.

Article 18 (Reason and procedure for restrictions on the use)

1. The Company shall determine the specific reasons and procedures for restrictions on the use under Article 17, Paragraph 1 as an operation policy in consideration of the Content, degree, frequency, and results of prohibited acts under Article 18, Paragraph 2.

2. If the Company imposes restrictions on the use as stipulated in Article 18, Paragraph 1, the following matters shall be notified to the Members in advance. However, if an urgent matter needs to take action, it may be notified afterward.

1) Reasons for restrictions on the use
2) Type and duration of restrictions on the use
3) How to object to the restrictions on the use

Article 19 (Procedure for objection to restrictions on the use)

1. If a Member wishes to be dissatisfied with the Company's restrictions on the use, he/she must submit an objection request in writing or by e-mail or similar method to the Company within 14 days from the date of receiving the notice of such measure.

2. The Company must respond to the reasons for dissatisfaction in writing or by e-mail or a similar method within 15 days from the date of receiving the objection form in Paragraph 1. However, if it deems difficult to respond within this period, the Company may notify the reason and processing schedule.

3. If the reasons for dissatisfaction are justified, the Company shall take action accordingly.

Article 20 (Protection and Use of Personal Information)

1. The Company shall strive to protect the personal information of Users, including User registration information, as stipulated by related laws. The protection and use of the personal information of Users shall comply with relevant laws and the privacy policy of the Company.

2. The Company may request the Users for additional information in order to improve and introduce its Services. In response to the request, the Users may consent to provide or reject to provide additional information.

3. A nickname, photos, and status information entered by Users are considered to introduce themselves in order to communicate with other Users. They may be disclosed to other Members depending on the characteristics of the Service.

4. The Company shall not be not responsible for any information, including the information of the User’s disclosed Account due to reasons attributable to the User.

Article 21 (Collection of information, etc.)

1. The Company may collect terminal information, OS information and its version, information on the wireless operator to which the User has subscribed and used, and the User’s history of using the Service in order to improve the Service quality.

2. The Company may save and store the details of communication carried out in the Service, such as the details of the Users’ chatting. This information shall be owned only by the Company and must not be provided or viewed by anyone other than a legitimate third party.
The Company shall use this information only if it is necessary to investigate violations of Terms of the Services or laws, mediate disputes between the Users, handle civil complaints, or maintain other orders within Service. In addition, when the Company uses this data, it must notify the Users of matters to be used.

Article 22 (Management of posts)

1. The Company may move posts written or posted by the Users within the website without prior notice under the administrative needs. Posts may be deleted without prior notice if there are unavoidable reasons, such as excessive storage capacity on the Company's system.

2. The Users shall be responsible for their postings. When the Users upload postings, they must not include matters or methods that infringe on the rights of third parties.
If a third party raises an objection or complaint to the Company on the grounds that the posting uploaded by a User had infringed the rights of the third party, the Company may take temporary measures as required and stipulated in the relevant laws and regulations. And it shall notify the User of that matter.

3. If a legal problem arises or the Company is sued for damages due to a User’s posting that has infringed a third party’s right, the User must provide all cooperation necessary for the immunity of the Company. The User shall be responsible for all problems arising therefrom as long as there is no reason attributable to the Company.

4. The Company may arbitrarily delete, move, or refuse to register posts or materials that fall under each of the following Clauses.

1) if his/her content slanders other Users or third parties or damages the reputation based on false accusations,
2) if his/her content violates public orders and good and laudable customs,
3) if his/her content is related to the User’s Account or point trading,
4) if his/her content is a commercial advertisement,
5) if his/her content is recognized as being related to a criminal act,
6) if his/her content infringes the rights of other Users or third parties, such as copyrights,
7) if his/her content violates the principles of postings stipulated by the Company or does not conform to the nature of the bulletin board,
8) if his/her content interferes with the regular operation of the Company or its Services,
9) if his/her content is judged to be related to a criminal act,
10) if he/she posts unauthorized advertisements and promotional materials,
11) if he/she violates the purpose of posting, such as posting multiple duplicates of the same content,
12) if his/her content promotes illegal duplications or hacking,
13) or/and if his/her content is judged to violate other related laws.

Article 23 (Copyright)

1. The Users shall be responsible for the rights and responsibilities for the works posted by themselves while using the Service.

2. Copyrights and other intellectual property rights for works created by the Company shall belong to the Company.

3. A User must not pursue to make profits by reproducing, transmitting, publishing, distributing, or sending the information which belongs to the Company or providers among the information that a User has obtained while he/she uses the Service provided by the Company. Or he/she must not allow the third parties to use them.

4. A User shall permit the Company to use the communication, including dialogue texts, images, sound, and all materials and information (hereinafter referred to as User Content) which are displayed within the Service or uploaded/transmitted by the User or other users via the game clients or the Service in relation to the Service in the following ways and conditions.

1) if the User uses the relevant User Content, changes the editing format, or makes other modifications (which are available for nay format, including announcement, reproduction, performance, transmission, distribution, broadcasting, creation of secondary works, etc. and There are no restrictions on the period and region of use)
2) User Content must not be sold, rented, or transferred for transactions without the prior consent of the Users who have created User Content.
3) It is prohibited to distribute or disseminate any action that may cause problems in the game service environment, such as reverse engineering or hacking of the game clients or the Service.

5. In regard to Users’ User Content which is not displayed within the Service nor integrated with the Service (e.g., postings on general bulletin boards, etc.), the Company must not use it commercially without the Users’ express consent. And the Users may delete such User Content at any time.

6. The Company takes 'temporary measures' for related posts or materials without prior notice to a User who has posted it if it is determined that the posting defames or invades privacy. The Name may be, thereafter, deleted or restored under the agreement between the parties, the relevant laws, and the Company’s policies.

7. If a User’s legal interests have been infringed due to information posted on bulletin boards operated by the Company, the User may request the Company to delete the information or publish rebuttals. In this case, the Company shall promptly take necessary measures and notify the applicant of the matter.

8. Paragraph 4 shall be effective while the Company operates its Service. It shall continue to be applied even after membership is withdrawn.

Article 24 (Termination of the contract)

1. If a Member wishes to cancel the contract of use, the Member himself/herself shall apply for withdrawal from membership using the in-game menu or through the customer center. When withdrawal is completed, all of the Member's information (scores, characters, Items, game money, etc.) will be deleted and cannot be recovered. However, the Company may restrict the User from immediately withdrawing the membership for a certain period after he/she has signed up due to the reasons of preventing illegal use of the Service.

2. Members may face to significant reasons that they cannot maintain this contract, such as committing an act prohibited in these Terms of the Services, the operation policy, or the Service policy. In such case, the Company shall give notice before a reasonable period and set a period to suspend the use of the Service or cancel the use contract.

3. Refunds and compensation for damages under Paragraphs 1 and 2 shall be handled in accordance with the 「Content User Protection Guidelines」.

4. The Company shall comply with 「Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc. 」 and the enforcement decree of the same law and may take necessary measures, such as terminating the contract or destroying personal information in order to protect the personal information of a User (hereinafter referred to as Dormant Account) who has not used the Service of NDP HOLDINGS INC. for one consecutive year. In this case, the Company shall notify the Member of the matters that the necessary measures will be taken 30 days before the action date, the expiration date of the personal information retention period, and the items of personal information.

5. If a Member terminates the contract of use, all data, including the Member's account information, will be destroyed immediately upon termination, except in cases where the Company retains Member information in accordance with related laws and privacy policy.

Article 25 (Indemnification)

1. The Company shall be exempted from liability if it is unable to provide the Service due to war, incident, natural disaster, national emergency, technical defect, or other force majeure reasons.

2. If any damage occurs to the User because the key telecommunication service provider suspends or fails to provide the telecommunication service normally, the Company’s responsibility shall be waived.

3. If the Service is suspended or a failure occurs due to unavoidable reasons, such as maintenance, replacement, regular inspection, or construction of the Service facilities that have been announced or urgently implemented, the Company’s responsibility shall be waived.

4. The Company shall not take responsibility for the Users to be unable to obtain the expected experiences, grades, Items, in-game money, etc., while he/she uses the Service. And the Company’s responsibility shall be waived for any damage caused by the selection or use of the Service.

5. The Company shall not take any responsibility for any disadvantages or loss of information that a User undergoes from changing his/her personal information (including his/her Account).

6. The Company shall not be responsible for any problems arising from a User's terminal environment or any problems caused by the network environment that is not attributable to the Company.

7. The Company shall not be obligated to intervene in disputes between the Users or between a User and a third party via the Service. It shall not also be responsible for compensating for damages resulting therefrom.

8. Free services and Content among the Services provided by Company shall be excluded from compensation for damages. However, the case of damage caused by intention or gross negligence of the Company shall not fall under this case.

9. The Company shall not be responsible for the reliability and accuracy of information, data, and facts posted or transmitted by the Users within the Service or on the website.

10. In the case of a Device change, number change, overseas roaming, mobile operator movement, etc., all or some functions of the Content may not be available. In such case, the Company shall not be responsible.

11. When Content provided by Company is deleted, the use information (scores, characters, Items, game money, etc.) may also be deleted. The Users are required to be careful in deleting it while and Company takes no responsibility.

12. The Company shall not be responsible for any problems arising while the Service is used in a Guest function.

13. The Company shall not be responsible for the use of the Service provided free of charge unless the relevant laws specify specific regulations.

14. The Company shall not be responsible for the failure or loss of the benefits that the Users expect while they use the Service.

Article 25-1 (Additional indemnification)

1. The games and Services shall be provided “as they are” and “as available” without warranty of any kind (including implied warranties of merchantability, non-infringement, or suitability for a particular purpose) to the maximum extent permitted by laws. Users’ use of the games and Services shall be at their sole risk.

2. The Company shall not make any promises that the games, Services, or the Users’ Account may be operated continuously, error-free, safely, or virus-free.

3. Some jurisdictions shall not allow the above limitations of warranties so that these limitations may not apply to Users.

Article 26 (Compensation for Damages)

1. The Company shall not take responsibility for any damages to the Users in regard to the Service provided free of charge by Company.

However, if the cause is attributable to the Company, the Company shall compensate for the damage done to the Users.

2. If the Content purchased with a fee or the Paid Item is damaged, destroyed, or deleted due to a serious defect in the Service provided by the Company, the Company shall compensate by using the appropriate means.

3. The Company may enter into a partnership agreement with individual service providers and provide individual services to the Users. If a User agrees to the terms of the individual service and damages then occur due to reasons attributable to the individual service providers, the individual service providers shall be responsible for any damage.

Article 27 (Jurisdiction and governing laws)

1. These Terms of the Service shall be interpreted and governed by the laws of the Republic of Korea.

2. Disputes arising between the Company and a User in relation to the use of the Service shall be resolved amicably by agreement between the two parties.

3. If the dispute in Paragraph 1 is not resolved amicably, it may be applied for dispute mediation to the Contents Dispute Mediation Committee under the Contents Industry Promotion Act. If a lawsuit is filed, the court shall be the competent court under the procedures stipulated in the relevant laws.

4. Laws of the Republic of Korea shall be applied to lawsuits filed between the Company and a User.

5. Because some jurisdictions do not allow the above limitations of warranties, it may not be applied to the Users. In such case, applicable local law shall affect these Terms only to the extent required by the applicable jurisdiction, and these Terms shall be construed to make them as effective as possible. You must comply with all local laws to the extent applicable to them.

※ Effective date of these Terms of the Service: 01 October 2023